cleaning engines


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cleaning engines

i need to kno the best method to clean of a lot of black grime and buildup on the engine, especially around the spark plug area. also, how to replace spark plug wires.
im repairing and slightly restoring a 91 pontiac sunbird LE. ive got a good bit a work done so far....just not this.
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For the clean engine part of your post, I've been a fan of Gunk for years.You may also need an old toothbrush and/or paintbrush to help it loosen the grime buildup in some cavities. When clean, mop up standing water with paper towels and wipe as much wiring dry as you can.
I'm going to guess that the spark plug wires are attached to the plug on one end and a coil pack on the other. Twist the boot on the plug end back and forth to loosen it's grip, and then pull the wire off by the boot - not by the wire. Basically the same at the coil pack. Replace one at a time and you can't mess up the firing order. Use OEM or equal quality replacement wires.
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I sometimes use Castrol Super Clean to degrease under the hood. It's essentially like Easy-Off oven cleaner, except in spray form. Don't let it sit on aluminum for too long, it doesn't tolerate alkaline solutions.
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I prefer Greased Lightning automotive's the process I use on my Mustang, with 110,000 Miles on the engine:

1. Heat the engine up until it's warm, not hot.
2. Cover exposed electrical items with aluminum foil (coil packs, fuse box)
3. Spray down the engine with degreaser...coat it good. I use almost a whole bottle for one cleaning.
4. Let the degreaser "dwell" for 5-10 minutes...just don't let it dry. If you see spots drying, spray it again with degreaser
5. Set your hose to a "mist" setting, or the most gentle spray you have, and rinse well. Most underhood items are water RESISTANT, but not water PROOF. You can rinse distrubutors and fuse boxes, just don't shoot high pressure water at them or submerge them.
6. Close the hood, run the engine for 10-15 minutes...closing the hood dries the engine better than leaving it open.
7. Shut off engine, open the hood, and either use an air compressor or leaf blower to dry out the nooks and crannies.
8. Wash the car AFTER you do the engine...degreaser overspray is inevitable on the paint.
9. Follow up with your favorite rubber dressing....I use armor-all tire foam, as you can soak the whole bay down with it, it gives a slight shine, and it spreads evenly.

I can go into more detail if you'd like.

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