91 mitsu galant


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richard austin
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91 mitsu galant

my 91 galant boggs out at one and half rpm's. I've replaced plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump and still same problem. I can't get it to accept any accelorator push down past 1500 rpm's.????? Could it be a throttle pressure sensor???
Any info would help. please.
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If you can find a junk yard that has a pull it yourself policy you should pull a T.P.S. for much less than a full service yard or store and try that. They are a bit expensive from a local parts store and they may not let you return electronics if it turns out to not fix your problem. You may have a clogged cat. converter. After driving at night look under the car right after stoppping and see if it is glowing red. I don't how else to check that. Some one else may have better way. Some auto stores (Auto Zone) will check your car for faulty electronic codes for free also. Good luck
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richard austin
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thanks, never thought of cat. conv... you know, when I put the new fuel pump in the tank, I noticed it had a small washer, spring inside the hole where the gas pumps out of, in the old pump, it was missing. I don't know if it might have came out and is in the line somewhere or what.

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