84 f-250 rear wheel seal still leaking


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84 f-250 rear wheel seal still leaking

I haven't had the truck long. I believe this is considered a full floating rear. Undo the bolts, pull axle out to remove the brake drum. I just had to replace my rear brakes. The rear inner seal was leaking into the drum, mixed with the brake dust and seized it. Replaced brake parts and inner seal. Gear oil is still leaking very bad into the drum. It's running out around the tire. It seems worse than the first one. I didn't think to check for burrs when I installed the new seal and it went in the drum without any damage. Is there a sleave that I can buy the repair the spindle? I stopped at Napa and Parts America, but they don't show a repair kit for my truck?
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You'll have to redo the seal and give the area a good inspection. You may have nicked or torn the seal during installation.... the mating seal surface may have a nick in it.... or the mating seal surface may have worn.

Our company makes sleeves for seal wear surface repair. I'm not sure, but I thought they are marketed through NAPA. If you find that the mating seal surface is indeed worn, try finding a bearing supply store in your area. Our metro area has at least two. They may have what you're looking for.
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I tried NAPA for a repair sleave. They don't carry one for my truck. It's a pain to pull the drum since it's a floating rear axle. The seal did go in the drum without much effort at all. It's tight, and didn't get nicked. It's really leaking alot worse with the new seal than with the old one. Then again I did have to put a full quart in to get it back to level. I'm going to pull the other side and check the part # to make sure the rear hasn't been swapped. Thanks for your info.
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its a semi floating drum, I have one my self , on the full floating style you can just pull the drum off an not pull the axle , Ford came out with that several yrs later. ,

there real bad about the hub leaking, after you clean every thing up , look at axle good , you can repostition the seal in the hub so it dont ride in the same spot on the axle, ie dont drive the seal all the way in till it hits bottom,,, also apply a lite bit of silcone to the seal where it rides in the hub , to stop any oil leak between the hub an seal, Had to do this on mine,,,
An if you can get the seal from FORD its a differnt design then the aftermarket seal, every time I used a National seal on a rear axle it allways leaked, We had a fleet of like 30 of them back in the late 80's,,,,,

An if the axle is bad -- STEMCO SEAL makes a seal an sleeve for them , but you gotta do quite a bit of cutting on the sleeve to make it fit, I would only suggest this as a last action to take to keep from having to replace the axle its a bear to do .

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