room air conditioner use in car????

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room air conditioner use in car????

I know this is a strange idea but our old cars air conditoner very expensive to repair and not really sure how long the car is going to last...Idea. I noticed at wal mart for about $80 you could get a high powered inverter...I have a small fairly new 5000 btu room aircondiners (we just went to central air) that were not using hmmm.. I wonder could this possibly work... using a room air conditioner maybe on the passenger seat with a inverter for a car air conditioner....not sure about the venting part of it tho...

hehe let me know if this is completly ridicilous idea
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Remember that while the front half of the unit is blowing cool air, the back half is exhausting the heat extracted. You would need to mount it in a window opening or devise some sort of an exhaust arrangement.
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hehe let me know if this is completly ridicilous idea
Ya, quite ridiculous.
Rolling down the window makes more sense.
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