1995 Diamante ES


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Question 1995 Diamante ES

I just bought this car a couple of weeks ago, and just got the tag on it last Friday. I paid $3,000 for it and am about ready to go push it into the pond in my backyard....and watch it sink to the bottom!

My husband put a brand new battery, serpentine belt, and a reman alternator on it. We hooked the battery back up, went to the doors and locked and unlocked them with the key.....pushed the alarm 2 times......beep beep....and we thought we were done.

On Saturday we drove it for 30 minutes to his grandma's house......it started right back up when we went to leave. Then we went and got gas.....again started back up fine. Left and went about 2 blocks to the race track.....watched the race for 3 hours then went home. Same ol' story everything was running fine. Sunday it was fine too.

My husband got up this morning to go to work at 4am. He cranked the car and let it set to warm up maybe 5 minutes. He got in drove about 3 miles down the road and it cut off as he was coming up to a stop sign. He said he tried to start it but it just clicked, the motor never tried to turn over. A nice police officer stopped and picked him up, and the car is still at the gas station.

Does anyone know what could be causing this to happen?
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Anyone's first guess would be the alternator, but since you've already replaced it, I would say the wiring is at fault. Autozone can check to see if your alternator is charging for free. Just because it isn't charging doesn't mean it's a bad alternator however. I would check for wiring problems.

Obviously, the car is running off of battery power, hence the reason it will run for a while, the die, and just "click" when you try to restart. I recommend getting it towed to autozone to have them do the check. I would not keep charging and discharging the battery, as it will shorten the life.
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My husband got in the car after work yesterday, and it started right up, no hesitations.

He drove it slow, from the gas station back to the house last night, and by the time he got home the serpentine belt was slapping. We looked and it was shredding!

The auto store gave us the wrong belt (6 groove instead of 5), and it was too wide and rubbing against the A/C belt. It was causing it to bind up and not spin as freely as it should.

My husband went and got another belt last night, and we are going to put it on this afternoon when he gets off of work.

I will update if it solves the problem or not.
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Originally Posted by USMCStang
I would say the wiring is at fault. I would check for wiring problems.

The guy who had the car before us put a new motor in it, and from what we found yesterday......... messed up the wire from the battery to the alternator. We ran a new wire and the car runs like new. I would say it still needs a good tune-up though. We will hopefully have the money to do all that next week.

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