Do I need to replace the tire with 5/32 left?


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Question Do I need to replace the tire with 5/32 left?

When I serviced my car last week, the shop told me that I needed to replace 4 tires, because there were only 5/32 left on them.

Do I really need to replace them, considering I live in northeast Ohio (winter is about 5 months long)?
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its your saftey

If the tires are worn were you can see the wear indicators it is time to replace them.The legal limit is 2/32.Do you feel safe with your tires?or is it a money matter that is your call.
I myself replace tires before they get to the indicators but My tires are pretty inexpensive.
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I don't feel anything different now, but it doesn't mean it will feel the same thing in the snow. It is and isn't a matter of money, since safety is a lot important than $500.

What I am looking for is a general rule of thumb.

Thanks for your reply.
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Except for the legal limit, there is no rule of thumb. Replacing before that limit is a personal decision depending on your circumstances, such as expense, expected driving conditions, and safety. Unlike brake pads, which work pretty much the same until very thin, tires lose their effective grip with wear, especially in bad weather.

With some cars I've noted a marked difference in grip toward the end of tire life. It's a judgement call when the tires should really be replaced.
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My has been a tire technician for a long time, and he always waits til' the wear bars are level with the tread (under normal driving conditions). But for snow, he would tell you to put new ones on.
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On dry roads, the less tread depth, the better performance you will get. That's why race cars use slicks - bald tires. The more tread you have, the beter performance you get in rain or snow. Watch a gran prix race and see how they change to a treaded tire in the rain. It's ultimately your call.

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