Sticking Windshield wipers- '95 Maxima


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Sticking Windshield wipers- '95 Maxima

Every now and then, my windshield wipers stick mid wipe. I had to pull over today and push on them to move. Any help? This doesn't happen consistently and I don't have a really good repair shop. The local nissan dealership has a really bad reputation for overcharging.
Any help would be great.
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I had the same problem on a Toyota. It was the wiper motor. I changed the motor and never had a problem again.

Good luck!
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As MAZPOWER stated, most likely the wiper motor, but if and when you change it out be sure to lube all pivot points on the wiper linkage, preferably with a light weight oil or grease, as some heavier greases can dry up and cause similar issues.

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