2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Cabin Filter


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2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Cabin Filter

When my wife took the van in for an oil change this last time they told her the cabin filter needed changed.....she never lets them do anything "extra" the handful of times she takes the vehicles in for an oil change and has them mark down any and all suggestions to bring to me.......

I didn't even know what a cabin filter was.........

I now know what it is but have no idea where it is located. I looked in the owners manual and found nothing regarding a cabin filter. Someone told me to check behind the glove box and I looked there with no luck. Someone else told me to look in the engine compartment along the firewall......nothing.

Maybe I missed it as I'm not even exactly sure what I'm looking for......anyone know where it might be?

Any ideas are appreciated.

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Should be somewhere near the blower motor generally, so the vicinity of under/behind the glove box would be correct. It's just a filter on the inlet side of the system to take dust out of the air before it goes through the blower where it might clog upo the heater core or ac evaporator. Bascially like the filter for the ac/furnace in your house.

Not sure if your vehicle has one; presumably the quick lube place knows and wasn't just trying to pad the bill. You could call a parts place or dealer and ask for sure.
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On my car it's under the cowl that goes from the bottom outside of the windshield to the firewall on the passenger side. Its a plastic piece below the windshield wipers that runs the entire length of the windshield that you have to remove to access the filter. It has some vent holes in it. You can't see the filter unless you remove this part. You car might be similar.

Being a 2005 van, I question if it really needs to changed. You could call your dealer and ask what the recommended change interval is.
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Thanks for the input guys.......I will check and possibly call around to see if anyone knows. I will check under the cowl and see if that looks to be a possiblity first.

It is a 2005 Van but was produced in Summer of 2004 so I could see where it might need changing.

Thanks again.....we shall see.


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