Honda Civic 93 170, 0000 Miles


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Question Honda Civic 93 170, 0000 Miles

My Car Only On The Drives Side Has Water On The Floor Front And Back On Passenger Side Its Dry. Its Been Like This For 3 Wks . Some One Said Maybe The Heating Is Clogged Can You Help Me Is This Dangerous To Drive With Water In The Car
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Wet Honda?

Tonya, I'm no expert, but I'm suprised no one else helped you yet.

1) You PROBABLY do not have a heater problem, because the heater is run by the coolant/anti-freeze in your car, and if one of the heater hoses was leaking you would see colored liquid on the floor of the car.

Since you said it's WATER, I'm assuming you mean clear water. This is probably the fault of a leaky door seal or window seal that is letting rain water in the car. One quick way to test this is to first, try to make sure the floor is dry. Then spray a garden hose around the door and window area for a minute or two. Then check to see if you are getting any leaks in the driver's door area.

This is a relatively cheap fix, any competant mechanic can probably do it for you...then again, with 170,000 miles on the car, it may be time for a new buggy.. lol

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