91 explorer problem????? help?


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91 explorer problem????? help?

i have a 1991 ford explorer 2wd...v6 4.0.....my problem is the when the rear wheels are off the ground on jack stands ..i put it in drive and the rear spin,, when i push the brake peddle the rear wheels don;t stop..any ideal what could be my problem????... apparently i was stopping with front breaks only... i also did some other research under the front end after tracing the rear break line from the rear unit to what i am told is the proportioning valve..(just below the master cylinder) .. this valve has one brake line that comes from master cylinder into one end , then anohter break line goes out to the rear end unit then splits off the the drums.. anyway..i removed the break line from this valve that goes back to the rear and then i had the wife start it up and pump the brakes.. i am getting fliud from the master cylinder to this valve but nothing from the valve to the rear end.....so can i assume this is the proportioning valve ?????? and replacing this ( $170.00) valve solve my problem???......any help would be great.....i live in indiana and i can not get it emissions tested wth out rear brakes( tried to have it tested today)... no test means no plates....
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Start at the rear first and work your way to the front. So if you unhook either line at the rear wheels you have nothing? How about the p. valve on the rear end? You should be able to work your way to the front and find the valve that isn't flowing. I really hoped you called you local parts stores for a price comparision on that valve, Ebay too!
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rear brakes

hate to as this , but is the master cyl filled to the top ? , if its to low there wont be any fluid to the rear brakes ,,, Also the valve you found it should have a stem in the front , possibly covered by a black rubber plug , if the stem is over center it will cut the flow of fluid off to the rear brakes ,, Have someone push on the brakes several times an have your finger over the stem , you should feel it pulsing, you might have to recenter it by pulling it out slightly an then pushing it back in ... I've seen them over center when the rear brakes run outta fluid., At the master cyl there should be 2 lines one for the front brakes an one for the rear , have someone push the pedal down an crack one line open , see if you get fluid , an the repeate for the other line , push the pedal down an crack line , if theres no fluid , I would say you have a blocked - bad master cyl. I would check this before you replace anything
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91 explorer brake valve

hey ty for the response......ok heres what i did.....i followed the 2 lines coming from the master cylinder ...one went to the front one line went to this p valve(((( its below the master cylinder bolted to frame))))) ...i unhooked the line going from the master to this valve..had the wife pump them...i got plenty of fluid coming out...i hooked that line back up and unhooked the line going from the valve to the rear end... had the wife pump agian and got no fliud at all....i am assuming the rears have not worked for sometime....so this centering of this valve..,.thier is a stem with a black plug over it..so what do i need to do to recenter this valve...???? should i have the suv running climb umder and pull this stem out then thats it?? or do i open some bleeders? i was told i should remove the line from the valve going to the rear and pull this stem out then back in and i should see fluid coming out.....please help....ty very muc

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