98 Galant - Auto Transmission


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98 Galant - Auto Transmission

I have a '98 Mitsubishi Galant, 4cycl automatic transmission. For some reason, when you first start the car (it's starts up fine) and drive for a mile, the car "bucks," "hesitates", or seems to have a problem shifting. The action is not severe at all. And after the first mile, all is fine and the car runs great. But it's that initial mile of driving where the problem occurs, and only if the car hasn't been driven that day. I replaced the spark plugs but no change. It's got 85,000 miles.

Note that this happened immediately after I had the car on ramps (the front tires only) for several hours while I changed the oil and flushed the cooling system.
I will have a mechanic check it out, but I'm wondering if I should avoid taking the car on a long trip or even drive it at all.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I think your problem occurs because the engine and the transmission
are cold. I have the same thing on my car. But after it warms up it runs fine.
Check the temperature, and the idle RPM. If the temp is low, and the RPM is
high, that's why, but I wouldn't worry about it, since the car runs fine after
a little while.

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