Changing power steering pump


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Changing power steering pump

According to the shop that inspected it, the power steering pump on my 1995 Olds Ninety-Eight is leaking, and I can attest that I have to refill it about every 8 hours of driving to avoid the whining when the wheels are turned.

How difficult is it to replace? I've replaced alternators, brakes, springs & shocks, & a belt-tensioner without too much trouble, but this looks like it's pretty deep in there, as if I'll have to pull a few things out to get to it.

Here's 3 shots; in the first, you can see the cap of the power steering reservoir, and I've colored a "component" (since I've no idea what it is) for spatial reference in all 3 shots.
  1. Power Steering Reservoir
  2. From front
  3. From front again

Any experience with and/or suggestions for changing this thing or should I just tear into it?
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I take it that's a "no"...
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I appreciate you going through the trouble to post the pictures and give us every chance to help you. But the answer really depends on your personal skill level and how easily you may be dissuaded on doing a difficult job. Some people have no patience with some jobs. I, for one, have gotten used to doing difficult jobs. Plus, I don't think anybody reading this post has done this particular task. It looks like you've assessed the situation pretty well for yourself by saying that you'll have to take a lot of parts off before you get to the ps pump.
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Call a shop and get a time quote. if they say its an hour or two job you may want to attempt it. I have changed lots of items on that year era of car I think that pump can come off from the bottom of the car pretty easily if you are able to jack it up and work from the bottom. You need to get a book for that paticular car. It will tell you exactly step by step what is involved in removing and replacing components.
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Kestas, yeah, I started fearing that none have had any exact experience with ps pumps when my post accrued ~30 views, no replies, and was sent to page 2. I figured I'd bump it to the top for one last chance.

chevydrivin, that's such straight-forward, sensible advice...I'm kicking myself for not thinking to ask them for a time quote when I had it diagnosed. One thing I have on my side is that my parents' pole barn has a small pit from when we poured the floor (intentional oil-changing/car-repair pit, not an uneven hole in the floor). Theoretically, no jacking required.

As far as books go, I've found mention of Hayne's manuals which seem to be the type of reference you're recommending, correct me if I'm wrong.
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Aegis, you might try browsing the repair guides on I took a quick check and they don't have the 98 listed, but possibly one of the other Olds models has the same engine/configuration.

Haynes or Chilton's, either one; my personal preference is Haynes. You could also get a DIY subscription at (same info garages use) for $24.95/year.
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Those are great resources! This might be just what I'm looking for...

PS Removal & Replacement


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i had the same problem with a 1991 Plymoth Acclaim. im not sure if it will help or not but on mine i had to disconnect the mounting bracket to the pump undo the hose running into the Rack and pinion. in order to pull mine out though i had to disconnect my exhaust manifold to pull out my pump. its not as hard as it looks.
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