2001 Chrysler T&C Transmission


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2001 Chrysler T&C Transmission

I was recently driving my vehicle when it suddenly stalled as if in neutral while I was driving on the highway. After the vehicle stopped, it would not move forward in Drive or reverse. I have not taken the vehicle to a transmission shop yet and wanted to know possible diagnosis/problem before I take it in. Please help!
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few things here to check, is the fluid level correct?

and chrysler transmissions have issues with not using the specific trans fluid (atf+4), have you used any other fluid on your transmission?
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If the vehicle suddenly came to a stop and has no forward or reverse it is possible you broke an axle. This would not cause the engine to stall (stop running) but it would act like it was in neutral. However if this is the case you would be able to push the vehicle forward or backwards when the shifter is in the PARK position since the differential would be free to turn. If you cannot push the vehicle and the fluid level is full. Then I suspect you sheared the hub off inside the transmission, or your differential could have locked up causing it to stall. This would indicate internal failure. DO NOT change the fluid and filter, this will do nothing more than waste your money at this point. Fluid and filter changes are great maintainance but will not correct your problem.
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