mixed tire sizes


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mixed tire sizes

What if any are the problems with using diffent size tires on the same car?

The car is a '94 mazda 626 w/ v-6 and 5 spd and abs

The sticker says to use 205/55 which are on the front. I believe the back has 195/65. I am not positive about the 65 but I'm sure about the 195.

What does this do to handling? ABS? Why use different sizes?
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The most important dimension in a tire is its diameter. If you have the same diameter on all four tires as what came from the factory, your car will probably be ok. That said, the narrower tires on the rear could be a problem because wheels can only accomodate a limited number of tire widths and get a seal on the bead. One of the reasons for using a narrower tire is for better traction in the snow. I can't think of a reason to have original size tires on the front of a front wheel drive car and narrower meat on the back. I would stick with original size.

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