2000 Toyota Tacoma Starter


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2000 Toyota Tacoma Starter

I need to replace a stater on my 2000 Tacoma Prerunner. The auto parts store asks me if it has the "cold climate package" on it. What is the cold climate package, and how do I find out if it is on my Tacoma?
Any tips or tricks on replacing the starter on this truck would be appreicated, also.
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Yes where you live it has the cold package, only cars made for warmer areas don't have it.

On a pre runner it should be open because you have no front diff (4WD)
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I have heard

I have heard that Toyota sells rebuild kits and it is a pretty simple operation.A 2000 Toyota should not have starter problems yet do you have the 2.4L engine?
I wonder what is diffrent in the cold weather starter maybe toyotaman knows.
I have a 2004 Tacoma with the 2.4L and starter replacment looks pretty easy.and on a pre runner it should be even more easy since you have lots of ground clearance.Keep us informed on what you do I think a kit is about 12 dollars from Toyota and a new starter is big dollars.
Look at google and type in Toyota starter rebuild for some good info.

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I finally got around to replacing the starter on my Tacoma. Pretty simple, only a couple of bolts, and two wires.
Only problem was manuvering the stater out of the small space, and getting the other up and in the small space.
Rebuilt stater at auto parts store was only 70 bucks, with a lifetime warranty. Toyota dealer wanted $325 to do it.
Every one I spoke with said it was strange that the starter went out after five years, and 130,000 miles. I have the 3.4 V-6.
Still don't know what the "cold climate package" is, but I bought one with it anyway.

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