Coolant leak


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Coolant leak

My 98 Chevy astro has now developed a coolant leak. Mechanic says the upper manifold gasket, at approx. $700+ for a repair. Looked in my Haynes manual to see if I can do it, and I think the answer is no. I can't afford the repair right now, so what about a coolant stop leak additive? I've read about a product called irontite. Would this or any other product be a good (temporary) fix? If so, can you supply product names? The van has about 125,000 miles on it, and I am stuck with it for the time being. Thanks!

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Stop leak products are much better at fixing pinhole leaks in places like radiators and heater cores. Unfortunately they also tend to clog things up and are generally avoided by knowledgable mechanics for that reason. Depends somewhat on how long you plan on having the vehicle.
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coolant leak

I wouldn't advise an additive think about it you are adding a liquid to stop a leak and plus there is alot of engine flushing involved and if not done exactly as directions say it will cost more than $700 to repair I had a similair problem with a blown head gasket that was constantly over heating and tried this product called block seal and somehow didn't flush the engine enough and ended up ruining the engine which still sits in the driveway waiting for a engine swap
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Friend of mine added some once and had the original repair plus a newly clogged heater core to pay for.
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Hello, it's the lower intake gasket you need done, and 700 bucks sounds way high. That job pays ony about 4 hours, and the parts cant' be more than a hundred bucks. Call a dealer and ask for a quote, I think you'll find this guy is high. Ixnay on the additive too.
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