Heating/Cooling problem

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Heating/Cooling problem

I have a 2000 Daewoo Leganza, 4-door, 4-cylinder, 2.2 liter and have some trouble with the heating/cooling. I noticed at times in the summer, the A/C wouldn't work right. It would be working great and suddenly stop blowing cold air and the air would turn room temp, then later work fantastic. This happened spuratically. Now that it's getting cold, my heater does something similar. It usually takes the car a long time for it to get hot. Sometimes it does, other times it doesn't. At times it will be working fine, then suddenly get cooler. Would this possibly be attributed to a bad heater core or maybe a thermostat? My engine temp seems to be running fine and the car runs fine beyond that. Any ideas?
All help is highly apprecaited.

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As far as the A/C issue, that could be something like the unit being a bit low on refrigerant, a bad connection to the clutch on the compressor, and a host of other issues like a vacumn leak, since just about all of the switching on newer cars is done by vacumn solenoids. The same could be true for the heat, a low coolant level, or possibly a plugged heater core could be the issue. I tend to shy away from thinking the thermostat is the culprit since you mentioned the vehicle is running at normal temperatures. I would suggest possibly having the whole cooling sysytem reverse flushed and refilled with fresh antifreeze per manufacturers reccomendations.
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I suspect the a/c has its full charge. If it was a slow leaker, the vent temps would have gradually gotten warmer, not the intermittent cooling he described. I too suspect something with the control system - electricals and vacuum. Start with the a/c relay... a common weak point for a lot of cars.

I agree with cooling system maintenance. It should be done every three years, regardless of mileage. Include a heater core flush, and check operation of the heater valve.

You didn't mention the mileage on this car. I'm curious - does this car have climate control (where you dial in the temperature)?
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Thanks for your replies.

Yes, there is climate control. The car has 54,000 miles on it.
The heat seems to work if it's slightly warmer outside during the day. In the morning when it's cold outside and has been outdoors all night, the heater doesn't really get warm. If I let it sit at work during the day outside, like today when it was 70 degrees and then drive it home at night when it's cooler (about 50), it heated right up. It's very tempremental.
I don't think the A/C needs recharged because sometimes it works perfect. In fact it can get really super cold, when it works.

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