steering wheel shimy

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steering wheel shimy

We have a 2003 PT Cruiser that has only 6000 miles on it. Lately we noticed that while driving the steering wheel shimmies back and fourth slightly which is kind of annoying. Other than that everything seems fine, the car doesn't pull one way or the other. Any thoughts on what this could be.
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Bad wheel or one of them is out of balance. Have wheels checked and balanced.
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In addition to what was previously said about a bad wheel or one being out of balance, a couple of other things to check, based on milage, are #1, the tires themselves, some tires have been known to, "Shift Belts", a condition caused by the tire heating up and the bond between the rubber and the steel belts between the rubber layers separating, or warping. Second thing I'd check if it isn't a balance issue, or bent wheel is tie rod ends, most newer cars don't have grease fittings on these parts anymore like the older cars did. As this part wears a slight shimmy could present itself. Definitely try the other, less expensive suggestions first, as replacing tie rods also will require a front end alignment.

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