How to replace serpentine belt?


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How to replace serpentine belt?

I have a 99 Dodge Durango that I am attempting to replace the serpentine belt. I have not removed the old one yet. I assume that there is some sort of "tension lever" that releases the tension to allow me to take the old one off, but I don't know where that is located. Also, for those of you familiar with the Durango, It appears that I would have to get underneath the car to reach the bottom pulley. Does that sound correct? Any suggestions on how to get the old belt off and the new one on would be greatly appreciated.

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Try this link: ( they have a fairly extensive online listing for component locations and step by step directions for maintenence. The tensioner, usually is a flat silver in color, (housing made from alluminum) and most have a spot somewhere on the are of the tensioner that you can insert a 1/2" breaker bar into for leverage to remove/install the belt. Also, since your vehicle is a 99, there should be a diagram that shows the proper routing of the belt around the pulleys, a good rule of thumb is to look closely at how the original is routed then maybe just do a quich sketch incase your factory label is missing. As far as access to the bottom pulley, you very well may have to get underneath the vehicle to do the inital wrap of the crank pulley, but then the rest of the operation, "should", be able to be done from up top.
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if it is a V8 durango(318 or 360) I think it is near the top passenger side,(front of engine...) it is a idler pully, with either a 15mm or might be a 5/8" bolt in the center of it, It should move fairly easily, just grab what looks like it and wiggle(not running), if it moves you have it. I don't remember the one in my durango being under much tension. To put in the new belt I had to do it all from the top due to the factory skid plate. Check the water pump shaft while you are in there(rock the fan forward and back), if it moves or "clicks" you might want to get the water pump checked. They are prone to fail, and a pain to change.

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