starts like low battery, but it's not battery


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Starter? 1997 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1997 Nissan Sentra. The last few days I've noticed the engine has started to turn over a little slower with each crank. I figured bad battery, but had battery checked and it's OK, any ideas? The guy at Auto Zone suggested it could be the starter. If so, could a rookie change a starter out with basic tools and skills?

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First I would suggest you check the starter to see if that's the actual problem. Go to a place where they test batteries, and have the starter tested. As long as you are getting about 12 Volts from the starter, it should be fine. It may also be the alternator.
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BOOYAH is correct in that you should get the starter tested before you think about replacing it. Going to a shop where they use an automotive load tester to check batteries, they can also see how much amperage your starter is draining. Starter drain can be anywhere from 45-80 amps, in your case since the turning load is less with a smaller engine, I would say that yours shouldn't draw more than say, 55-65 amps while cranking. Not sure what method was used to determine the condition of your battery, but a load tester is just as the name implies, it puts a load, comparable to cranking on your battery itself, seeing how quickly it's reserve power is drawn down.

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