2000 suburban


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2000 suburban

how do i remove the rear door panel on a 2000 suburban
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By the words, "Rear Door", are you referring to the back seat side doors, or the rear hatch door? Also if the rear hatch area door, is it a twin door model, also called, "Barn Doors", or a taligate with glass? In the case of a side door, most newer vehicles make extensive use of plastic push fasteners. The biggest difference between the side/tail doors is the window crank and armrest. GM, for years has used a specific horseshoe shaped clip for securing the window cranks, and there is a tool made specifically for this, (auto zone has these as loaner tools). The armrests and plastic cups around the inner door handles should either be fastened with phillips or torx head screws, after removing the visible screws, starting at the bottom, use a very waid blade screwdriver, and gently pry the panel away from the door itself, as you do this you should be able to look between the door and the panel and see the plastic clips. Try to get as close to the clips as possible, and, "GENTLY", pry out and the clips should pull out of the door and remain in the panel. When replacing the panel, start at the top, line up the clips with the holes, and tap with the flat of your hand to set them back into the door frame.

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