'93 Cavalier 3.1 V6 -- Violent Shaking


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Angry '93 Cavalier 3.1 V6 -- Violent Shaking

This may look long, but I'd REALLY appreciate the help! and as a note: I am by no means a mechanic, so any help is greatly appreciated!

let's Start from the begining....
I bought this car with the 3.1 v6 already install... I'm only assuming that the ECM and Prom have been replaced. As for the same transmission I don't know!

Since I've bought it I've had to replace
1. Heater core. within 3 month of purchase
2. Head Gasket within 4 months of purchase.
3. Head Gasket again,plugs, wires,and 3 valves but this time 1 year and 3 months.
4.Pcv Valve, Plug wires, all three coils, o2 sensor, thermostat. just recently.

I'm in Canada so I have 270000 kms. I know it a lot but it probably not a that much on this engine.

As for the output coil ratio I could be all wrong cuz I have no Idea what I was looking for!

Now as for the proper ratios and information... I'd probably have to get a mechanic or someone with tools that could check them... And if that's the case then I'd might as well let them fix my car!! But I want to keep this as cheap as possible!

Now my problem... my check engine Light has been on since I got it and every mechanic I've been to can not turn it off! they replace a sensorsand that's it!!

After replacing the second head gasket... The car was running fine, no sputters,timing sounded good ... I got a tune up just in case. No problems.

I move away to another city...drive the car around and problems!
Everytime I'm at a stop I have to rev up my car to way over 2500 before I can move then it just sputters through the intersection then give me a burst then back down to a normal drive... then sputter till the point that it's almost about to die. At this point I have the gas pined then it gives me a burst and runs good for awhile.

Anyone? Help?!!
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by the way, it's an '88 body, with a '93 engine, if that helps
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I'd say fuel trouble, get the fuel line cleaned out,replace gas filters etc.
I know how they act, behave for a while,then when you need the power they kick. Is it Carb or injected? if its crb it migt be dirty too, Did you by any chance let the tank get really empty lately? Because your tank could have heaps of dirt and rust in it if you've never got it cleaned.
Good Luck
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Have you checked the coil module?(where the 3 coils mount), once a wire or plugs cooks and the spark arcs to ground via the module, it can "carbon tunnel", and will create a easy path for power to be tapped off giving you a weak or erratic spark. I had a 91 Cavalier z24, and it did the exact same thing, with the inclusion of surging erratically at highway speed, when checking the strength of the spark there was 2 weak plugs, but it was not always there, and not always the same pair. after endless trial and error(and buying coils,wires,plugs,etc.) it turned out to be the module. something I should have checked first.
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KJmason: Coil module and all three coils have been replaced!!

Tornerito: Now as for the fuel filter I have one and will replace tomorrow!
I never leave my tank empty! but it is a old car and it's something I'm not ruling out! It's fuel injected and I figure I could have a faulty injector but I have no way of checking! any suggestions?
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It would be helpful if you could post the codes that came up with the check engine light. May help to pinpoint your problem.
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I read the codes after searching online for how to do it! And I got a 12 and a 43!! I read that a 43 is a knock sensor but I haven't figured out what a 12 is? and clues?
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The 3.1 motors were know for bad injectors (and intake leaks). You could have a combination of problems.
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Have you checked for vacuum leaks?

Have you hecked the EGR valve and other vacuum operated devices for proper operation or leaks?

I use a MityVac for this type of thing.

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