1998 Windstar Hard Start? Alternator?


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Question 1998 Windstar Hard Start? Alternator?

My Windstar was acting funny. I have had alarm issues for a while. I just replaced the Starter Solenoid and that seemed to improve the start as the wires were worn and detaching from the solenoid.

When I rehooked the battery the van would not start. We charged the battery and it was fine. However the siren would go off as soon as we connected the negative cable. We did manage to start it before the alarm went off and I took it to Wal-Mart and he checked the battery and it was perfect.

As for the alarm the tech. pulled the fuses and the alarm did not work for a while. I went downtown one day and the van wouldn't start. I did the screwdriver to the solenoid trick to get it going and went home. I have since started the van 4 times and it barely turns over. What is going on? The alarm is working properly now so that shouldn't be an issue. As well, some times the power windows will even roll down when the van is turned off.

What to do? What to do? Could my alternator be dying? I dunno?
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I'd have a load test done on the electrical system to check how much amperage the starter is drawing, if it's drawing more than 70-80 amps odds are the starter is toast, especially if you've already replaced the solenoid and checked the battery. Also when the batter was checked, was it just checked for voltage, or was a load test performed on it? A batter can look good voltage wise yet not hold amperage when put under a load.

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