opinions on olds aurora?


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opinions on olds aurora?

My wife has decided she wants to buy an oldsmobile aurora. The one she's looking at is a 1998 model with under 50k miles. It's a nice looking car with features to the hilt. That's what scares me. I currently have a buick park avenue, and the "features" have so many problems that it's not worth fixing them vs the value of the car. Granted, the car is 20 years old now, with around 120k on it. Still looks and runs good, but the value is gone. Are these auroras really good cars? I see good reviews on them, and they were pretty expensive when new. The 250 hp V8 sounds nice too if it's not a mechanical nightmare. If it's a dependable car and built to last, I might go for it. If it's an electrical and mechanical disaster full of expensive parts, I'll pass. Any of you had any experience with these?
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Paraphrasing Consumer Reports:

The Aurora, introduced for 1995, was intended to compete with import sports sedans. The 4.0-liter V8--based on Cadillac's Northstar engine--is the car's best feature. First-generation Auroras handled ponderously, and the steering had little feel. The car rode harshly and rocked annoyingly on bumpy roads. The interior feels tight, and the front seats are firm and lumpy. The ride was improved somewhat for 1998 (the model year you are looking at). A 2001 redesign yielded better ride and handling. The interior also feels more spacious. Discontinued after the 2003 model year. Frontal crash test is "Good" (3 on a scale of 1-5).

In their review (done on an '01 model) the high points were powertrain & quietness; low points were uncomfortable shoulder belts, fit and finish. Similar cars that rate higher than the Aurora (in descending order of ratings) are Audi A6, Caddy DeVille DHS, Toyota Avalon XLS, Volvo S80, and Acura 3.5RL. Personal opinion, of these five models plus the Aurora, I would buy the Avalon, but I'm a Toyota fan from way back (now driving our second Camry).

Reliability history shows low marks (poor) in the following categories for the 98 model year: Electrical, AC. Also "Fair" (just above "Poor") for: Cooling, power equipment, and body integrity.

FWIW, I think I've towed about three Auroras in the last five years, but that may be as much an indication of the lack of numbers on the road as the reliability.

NADA & Kelly give an average retail of about $8000. I ran the year and model on Autotrader.com and came up with 116 hits with a range of $2750-10,950 with an average of $6500.

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