timing belt for 2000 camry


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timing belt for 2000 camry


Does anyone know the right time to change the timing belt for a 2000 camry.
Dealer says it is 60k, the book from toyota recommends at 90K.

I asked for a quote and the price varies from $200 - 500

Is this something done outside the dealership

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The right time is the day before it breaks and leaves you stranded.
My dealer tends to recommend services which exceed Toyota's suggested intervals. While the dealer's recommendations may not harm the car - frequent transmission fluid changes, cabin air filters etc, they would put a severe strain on my wallet if I followed them. The dealer wants to make as much after sale money as possible. I believe that Toyota is conservative with their recommendations, and I follow them. I will probably have the timing belt replaced between 80 and 90 K.
If you have a trusted independent mechanic / garage, they can change the belt, and probably at a better price.
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I believe that Toyota is conservative with their recommendations, and I follow them

That’s not true, you have to understand the methodology behind the carmakers maintenance schedules. They arrive at the intervals based on maintenance cost of the vehicle. This something that is presented to prospective buyers so they evaluate cost of ownership.

Longer intervals mean lower ownership cost compared to other vehicles. Long ago they used an ad campaign called "Cheap to Keep".They only warranty the drive train for 60,000 miles after that it yours, their responsibility ends after that.

They recommend 7500 mile oil changes, anybody in right mind wouldn’t wait that long for an oil change. 5000 miles is still to long. Generally accepted interval is 3000 miles.

This interpretation in the owner’s manual defining normal and severe conditions got them in hot water. They instituted a special service campaign about “Oil Gelling” and oil change intervals. They are paying all the costs with de-slugging engines for certain years (yours is involved). It was determined that most vehicles fall under the severe schedule.

There is a supplement (revised) for you maintenance schedule and it does list timing belt at 60k for severe conditions.
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First of all i am trying to avoid the dealership bcos of the cost.

I was doing all my services at the dealership ,expecting to get better work
for the money I pay.
I refered my friend to this dealer I used to go and they did mistake when they changed
the timing belt.put in a opposite direction or something like that.
They fixed it and was telling that they are doing a favour and not charging him for that.

First of all I dont know why the cost is so different b/n delaerships.

and I dontknow anyone else who can do this work other than dealer

Got another question , should I be doing the waterpump along with this.
I was advised by one person to do this at the sametime bcos its more or less the same labour involved
but one dealer told me that it is in 2 different location(belt and pump),so there is a lot of labour and
quoted me $900 for both.
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I don't understand some of your abbreviations.

Second maybe you need to find another dealer.

We charge $200 parts and labor for a belt on a 4cyl, if water pump added costs about $430 total

It cost more at the dealer because of training, certifications, nationwide warranty etc. Nobody has more experience on that make, latest updates, factory OEM parts.
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do u mind telling me where you work, $430 total sounds reasonable for me
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Don't get Toyman started on dealer service vs independent garage. Any competent garage can do it, but I defer to Toyman. If you're in NY I hear he even makes house calls.

Do the water pump; the amount of extra labor to do it while the mechanic is in the vicinity is negligible, so basically the additional cost should be almost all "parts". Somebody is on some serious drugs if they are trying to get $900 for a timing belt & water pump job at least on a four cylinder. I've never done one of the 6's before, but I can't imagine the difference would be that significant if you have the V6.
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I got a 4 cylinder.

One of the dealership around my neighbourhood told me that the labour is
not exactly same to change timing belt and water pump. They told me that it is located in
2 different locations for this car , so equal amount of labour is required for both.

They gave me a price of 795+tax ,so around 865.
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We charge an additional 1 hr for the pump. That takes into account removing the pump, thermostat and draining the coolant.

We charge almost half what you were quoted, might be worth the 30 mile ride?
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Would be for me; I'd drive pretty far to save $400 on a repair.

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