fiberglass bumper ? fix


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fiberglass bumper ? fix

i own a 2003 ford explorer sporttrac and have a hole in my bumper. courtesy of i assume someone backing into me with a vehicle with a protruding ornament. ihow can and what would i buy to fill this and make it look good again. thank you for your help.
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Lightbulb Fiberglass Bumper Fix

Okay, first of all, your bumper covers are a type of urethane composite, not fiberglass, if it were fiberglass the damage would most likely be worse than a, "hole", as you described it. Now about that hole, is it a complete hole, (the entire center missing, or just pushed in), if the piece that was pushed out is still there the fix will be easier. There are certain fillers made just for doing repairs of this nature, that like the bumber covers, are made to stay flexible allowing for minor hits not to cause severe damage, you can find these types of fillers at a local body shop supply company, (check your local yellow pages). Once you get the filler, if the piece that was broken out is still around, try to reach behind the bumper and using masking tape, tape it in place, from behind, so that you'll be able to do any prep work from the front. If the piece is missing, you may want to cover the area, again from behind with duct tape, then fill the indented area with the filler and work it up to a level surface with the rest of the cover, then check out the threads here for one entitled, "minor rust spot repair", for basic directions on painting. One more thing to add with that is that as with the fillers, paints are engineered for flexible areas on cars as well, so they are more resistant to cracking if hit.
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Some good step by step sites for Bumper Cover Repair:
Also SEM makes a great product, but their how-to instructions are geared towards the pro so the jargon is a bit confusing

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