'97 Nissan Pickup Basic Tuneup


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Roberto S.
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'97 Nissan Pickup Basic Tuneup

What should be done to effect a good, basic tuneup on this four banger. I plan to do the work myself. TIA for all responses.
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Tune Up


A "good" tune up for this vehicle would depend on how many miles are on it. Here are some things though that are common to check/replace in a modern tune up.

-Spark Plugs
-Spark Plug Wires (Always when doing plugs on modern vehicles.)
-Distributor Cap/Rotor Button
-Check all vacuum lines/connections.
-Air Filter
-Fuel Filter
-PCV Valve
-Oxygen Sensor (Heated type on this vehicle should perform properly for 80,000-100,000 miles.)

This should restore lost performance due to routine wear and tear.
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Roberto S.
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Thank you very much for the information. The truck has 78,000 miles and is in excellent condition.
I'm curious. What are your thoughts on where I get the parts ?? Should I try to use OEM parts, if possible or are "parts store" items OK ??
Again, thanks for the information !!!!!!!!!!
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I may be a little bias because I work for an aftermarket retailer.
OE parts are always a good choice, but there are also many QUALITY parts available in the aftermarket. Here are some personal suggestions.

-Spark Plugs (All imports I always recommend NGK spark plugs. They are inexpesive and a quality plug.)
-Spark Plug Wires (Don't get the "economy" brand. Get a quality brand such as Autolite, Bosch, etc.)
-Distributor Cap/Rotor Button (Look for one with brass/copper inserts for extended life.)
-Air Filter (Purolator, WIX, or K&N if you are planning on keeping the vehicle for a while is a good choice.)
-Fuel Filter (Purolator, WIX.)
-Oxygen Sensor (Bosch is in my opinion the best choice to go for O2 sensores, they invented the O2 sensor and know how to build them.)

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