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automatic start

I am thinking of having an automatic start put into my 2004 Toyota Sienna mini van. Has anybody had any experience with them? Are there any better ones to use than others, any drawbacks? How do they work?
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If you really want it, have it done by a Toyota dealer.....this way if something goes wrong they are responsible. Other wise you get into the situation the installers damaged wiring/parts and it's not covered under your warranty.
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Been using them for 10 years, great to have in the New Hampshire winters. They're easy enough, push a button on a remote, the car starts and runs for a preset time. You go out to your warm toasty car, insert the ignition key and drive away. When you stop at the store on that cold night, hit the remote button, remove the key and lock the doors, car stays running and warm. Some also can start and run the car for so many minutes ever so many hours, good for really cold climates, I don't use that function. My last 2 ubits were made by Crimestopper, had good luck with them. Also have the same model in the wifes car, I can just slide a switch on my remote and start her car, so no switching remotes when we switch vehicles.

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