'98 GMC Jimmy front end noise


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'98 GMC Jimmy front end noise

Ok, I'm normally pretty good with determining what these "noises" coming from the car are all about. But this one has me kind of stumped.
The trucks been running fine, just took it on a fairly long trip (300 miles) and when I started to exit the expressway on the way home (dropping from 70ish mph) I heard what I thought was a siren going off. After a quick check of my rear view looking for the source I realized it was the truck. As I slowed the noise dropped off gradually until at 5mph or less it's a rapid click. Basically the click must have been so constant it sounded like a humming siren.

Anyway, the noise is coming from the passenger size (or so I thought). I did find vertical play in the drivers side front tire. I can move the top in and out a bit. Looks to me like a bad bearing on that side. My only question is that I think this might be unrelated. The noise is much stronger on the passenger side. But if you get the truck up over 55 the noise goes away.

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Question Back to the drawing board...

Well wheel bearing replacement went fine, of course that wasn't it...

Here's some more info. The noise sounds like a gear at high rev from the outside. Imagine those old push cars that you rev'd up and let go. That's the noise. The noise only appears in 2 wheel drive after going 70+ mph. When you reach that speed and come back down to 50 ish it starts very loudly, gradually dieing off until 0 mph. Once it starts making the noise it will not go away until you hit the 4 wheel drive button. Once 4 wheel Hi is engaged the noise is gone and doesn't come back until hitting 70 mph again.

My next step is to check the fluid levels in the differential but I'm waiting for warmer weather.

Seems to me this problem is backwards. One would think having the 4 wheel drive on would create this, instead it's only ion 2 wheel drive.

Please help!

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