95 maxima stuck in park


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Unhappy 95 maxima stuck in park

my 1995 nissam maxima suddenly will not disengage from park. Is there something I can do to move it to the "N" position?
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Try putting the key in the ignition, without starting it, turn the key to run, or off (try different positions), while pressing the brake pedal, try to move the shifter. There may be a procedure for this in the owners manual.
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95 maxima stuck in park

Thanks for your reply but i've tried the ignition proceedure. It did not work..
My problem seems to be the button that you depress on the gear shift will not
depress in fully to release it from the park position. Any ideas will be welcomed. I'm LOST !!!
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my 2 cents

I would suspect the park netural saftey switch.It is installed so you must push on the brake to shift from park to any gear.
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95 maxima still stuck in park...

Thanks My 2 Cents for your post.
I'm so lost, at this point I'll take wooden nickles.
I welcome your point and any advise I can get.
You guys are great! And the site is amazing!
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Check and see if the brakes lights go on when you press the brake pedal?

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