97 wrangler 2.5 4cyl no 5th gear


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97 wrangler 2.5 4cyl no 5th gear

OK. The woman said she was going about 50mph in 5th and it made a noise, then just revved like the clutch was pushed in. It didn't pop out of 5th gear. All the other gears are fine. It has @130k on it. Fluid has been changed regularly. Can I just buy the $50 rebuild kit at Parts America and do a rebuild, or does it seem like I'm going to have to find what part broke and replace that? Any idea what part controls the 5th gear?
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Snap ring?

Usually we find the snap ring has come off the shaft that retains fifth gear.
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Sounds easy enough. I hear this tranny is a pain. I should be able to just open it up and look for what's broken, or will I have to do some dissassembly? I have been working on cars for some time so I am by no means a novice. Just never done a jeep. I'm going onto ebay for a real shop manual. Thanks for the help.

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