power steering unit


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power steering unit

I own a subaru outback with 92,000 miles. The dealer replaced belts during regular maintenance. Now the power steering unit is sqealing. They say that if it doesn't stop in a couple of days the unit is bad and needs replacement ($500). I have a problem with that. The unit never made a sound and never gave a problem until they changed the belt.

Can the belt be too tight? If so, can they loosen the belt until it stops squealing ?
What if they just flush and replace fluid? That's never been done.
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I would get a second opinion & estimate from an independent garage. It is possible they overtightened the belt. It's also possible at 92,000 miles that the pump was on it's last legs, although that's fairly young for a power steering pump. Flush & replace fluid would be a waste of time and $ in my opinion.

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