Motor oil


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Motor oil

What is the best oil for a 4 cyl 2.4L 162HP aluminum block japanese engine?

Petrol or synth? Full or blend?
what wieght?
what brand?

Which company makes the best oil filter? Dealer says toyota, but I think an aftermarket.

Which company makes the best spark slugs? Dealer says toyota, but I think an aftermarket.

Are K&N really the beat air filters?
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you already know toyota's going to say their stuff. synthetic blends are just that, but not 50/50, sometimes more like 15 syn, 85 petroleum. whatever wieght your engines owners manual states, is the weight to use. i use mobil one, its a true synthetic pao oil, theres others like amsoil, redline, etc. what i mean by true synthetic is that castrol has their "syntec" which all it is is highly refined petroleum oil, dewaxed, etc. search mobil vs. castrol if you want to. i would go with ngk's for plugs. i myself like wix filters, also known as napa gold oil filters, purolators are great ones as well. k&n isn't the best, sure its reusable, flows better....also lets more dirt in. i myself would stick with paper air filters. a true syn is better in most ways to conventional, doesn't oxidize as quickly, stands up to higher temps, flows alot better in the cold. has less of a tendency to sludge over conventional. longer oil change intervals as well.
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With Toyotas I have to say go with Toyota OEM on any spark related items
Plugs wires....
Also oil filters, or Wix (Napa Gold)
The local Toyota dealer sells both synth and dino juice
Just don't bother with the blends (chain and the weekest link thing)
Use the weight spec'd in your manual
I personally prefer K&N filters, and the local Toyota Dealer sell both OEM and K&N

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