Mercury Villager exhaust leak


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Mercury Villager exhaust leak

My 1999 Village has an exhaust leak. The car sounds like a diesel. My question is more about the location than anything. It is up in the engine compartment. It is not in the exhaust manifold but about 12" from the manifold in the pipe that takes the exhaust to the back of the engine department and down to the underside of the car. there is shielding covering the pipe but i can change the sound by covering this area with my gloved hand. My question is this...Can this be repaired without having to pull the engine because there doesn't seem to be alot of room to remove and replace?
Also, if the repair turns out to be really expensive is there any harm to the engine or more importantly can exhaust get into the car interior if I do not get the repair and live with the noise?
Thanks for any help
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Mercury Villager exhaust leak

Yes, you can repair the exhaust leak without removing the engine. Suggest you take the car to a muffler shop for estimate and repair, unless you have wielding skills and equipment. Don't drive car without ventilation, as fumes can enter car. very dangerous. Regards. Jerbear

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