Help in diagnosing brake line leak


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Help in diagnosing brake line leak

91 Mitsubishi Truck, loses brake line pressure when sitting for 2 weeks, pressures up great after bleeding. Is this a seeping wheel cylinder or caliper, I believe it has front disc and rear drum brakes, or should I look elsewhere first? Is there a way to mark the line connections so that it will be evident where is is seeping/leaking?
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Whats your skill level? One easy way to check on drum brakes to see if the wheel cylinder seals are leaking is to pull back the dust boot. If there is fluid, your seals are gone. Id say if you have a decent understanding of what your doing, pull the rubber dust boot off, wipe it dry, and keep doing what your doing for a week or so. Go back and check.. if there is fluid, they are leaking. another place to check would be around the master cylinder, after the booster. There shouldnt really be any fluid there, if there is, that indicates your master cylinder piston seals might be gone. The car is 14 years old, these things happen ya know?

Check the calipers for fluid in unusal spots too ( around the piston, after the square cut seal) It could also be a loose connection somewhere. If none of these, it could be a bit more complicated, like in the ABS controller or in the proportioning valve.


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