Fuel system tune up


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Fuel system tune up

For my 1996 Suburban, a mechanic at a trusted shop suggested that I consider a "fuel system tune up" that they sell for about $80. This was after me asking what I can do to keep the car/truck in good condition as I do all of the work myself (I learn a lot by asking such open ended questions like that). The car has about 132,000 miles. I use injector cleaner from time to time. I usually put Marvels Mystery Oil into the gas tank at oil change time also.

The mechanic said that this "fuel system tune up would get rid of any buildup at the intake valves, in the manifold and throttle body. The result would be better mileage, power and throttle response. He is not on commission and has done it tohis cars.

Please let me know if this is 1) - hype, 2 - something I can do myself and howto do it, or 2) - should be done my a mechanic.

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In my PERSONAL opinion, it's mostly hype. The pro's will have to ring in on whether it actually accomplishes what is claimed and if the benefits are real.

I PERSONALLY would never go for it.

My $.02 worth.
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Save your money. There's nothing in a bottle that can do all that.

For that price it sounds like he wants to do an injector treatment where a special solvent is injected into the fuel line just ahead of the injectors. Sometimes it helps clean the injectors, which results in a smoother idle, but it doesn't do much more.

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