Volkswagen Jetta Question

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Volkswagen Jetta Question

Sorry if I start new thread on existing topic with same subject - I don't know whether this forum has a search utility. 92 Jetta - 5 speed - gasoline engine. Runs and drives pretty good. Lately, cold engine, starts up very good - no problem. Red battery light stays lit (normally goes out after a couple of seconds) and RPM seems too low for cold engine. While idling, I lightly press accelerator, red battery light goes out, I never see it again afterwards - ok I'm happy. Now I drive, shifting very good - no problem. Press accelerator to go faster - ah, this is problem. Someone stepping on gas line, engine hesitating, no responsiveness, engine has bird flu. Plenty mad drivers behind me, I think driving now little bit dangerous. Any ideas? I think fuel filter, but maybe worn belt, or maybe timing belt or.......??? Where is fuel filter? Maybe I change myself? Lately, some gas I buy has some ethanol in it and I hear that ethanol can plug up fuel filters. True? OK - this is end of story - thank you for any help.
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there are several things that can make your run the way that you have described.

There are a few things that you should check first before you go out and start spending money on all kinds of new things that could be the problem, but really arent.

First and foremost: Ignition components--You wouldnt believe how many people overlook these. You need to check your car to make sure that these items are in good working order:

1, Spark plugs (The electrodes should not be melted down, and they should be providing a nice crisp blue spark)
2, Plug wires (they should be flexible and rubbery, not hard and cracked [dont touch with engine running])
3. Cap and rotor, (When disasembled, do the contacts have a relatively good brass look to them, or are they overly coroded with black carbon deposits? if so both items should be replaced. If your car has not had a full tune up in a long time, or Ever, then this is probably the cause of it running poorly when you step on the gas.

If you check and replace ignition components and you still have the problem, you should check to see if you have a vaccume leak. Check under the hood for all the rubber hoses that lead from your intake to your manifold for cracks and loose connections, If you have a "major" leak it can cause symptoms like you have described.

Lastly, and this would be an extreme case, and hopefully its not the problem you have; But from what I read, this problem only occurs when you're driving, and the transmission is engaged, not when you are reving the engine with the car out of gear correct?

If the engine is running very rough whenever it it turned on, and by this I mean that if you are reving the car with out it carrying any load, ( the engine is not pulling the weight of the car ) then you may have a shot head gasket. which means that you will have to have it replaced and that can get costly. It is something that you would probably have to have a mechanic do for you, because it is out of the scope of the common DIY'r and I could not give you step by step directions over this forum.

The simplest way to check and see if you have a blown head gasket is by checking to see if there is oil in your coolant resivoir, or if steam is coming out of your exhaust when the car is running, or you can simply run a compression test on the motor by removing the spark plugs, disconnecting the air boot, screwing in a compression meter in place of the spark plug and cranking over the engine until the needle on the gauge does not go up any further. you will be looking to see if all of the cylinders have equal pressure, if they all do, then great, no problems. but if one is drastically off then you need to have that problem attended to by a mechanic.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

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