1993 chrysler new yorker transmission

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1993 chrysler new yorker transmission

I had the transmission on this car rebuilt over a year ago.

So no waranty on it anymore.

I also have had it shifting into gear poorly and hard.

They repalced the outside modual pac and it solved the problem, which was on the outside of the transmission.

This weekend I had the rough shifting again on the highway and the car went into the neaural state and wont go into drive reverse and so on.

I am thinking this solonoid is gone again.

I would like to replace this myself with help from a male friend to save some money.

I have no idea where this is only know it is an outside job.

Can anyone help or give some instructions on how to change this item. Or where it is on this car. its a 3.3 6 cylender. 1993 newyorker salon.

thanks Linda

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Modual needed outside transmission

Who knows where to find this piece on this vehicles?
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Hi CanadianGal58,

I suspect you are refering to the solenoid pack. It is located on the side of the transmission. If you open the hood of the vehicle the transmission will be on the drivers side of the car. Look straight down between the car grille radiator area and the transmission you will see an electrical connector with eight wires in it and a singe screw (8 mm or 5/16") holding it in this needs to be unsrewed and lift up on the wire harness. then you may have a black shiel or insulator cover over the actual solenoid pack. Since it was replaced already before it should not have one since the new updated solenoid pack has a sticker on it advising you not to reinstall the black insulator cover. There will be 3 10 mm bolts that hold the solenoid body to the tranmsission remove them and lift up on the solenoid body, there will also be a thin steel plate and gaskets. Reinstall new solenoid body with steel plate and gaskets. carefully tighten down the elcrtical connector it does not have to be that tight only enough to keep the connector held in place and a slight bit of a turn after that.
That being said if the car is NOT going into either forward or reverse at all I do not believe the solenoid pack is the problem. As you stated the vehicle would shift "poorly and hard" now it does not shift at into gear at all? One thing you could check yourself is to put the car in park now try to push the vehicle if it will roll when in park position it could be an axle shaft. If it will not roll then it could be a broken hub inside the transmision or possible the differential.
Hope this helps if not drop me a line I will try to help you,
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rolling forward

It does roll forward when in park. so you may be right about the other problem thanks so much!

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