1994 Ford Ranger, NO HEAT


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1994 Ford Ranger, NO HEAT

Need help figuring this one out. 1994 Ford Ranger, 2.3L 5 sp.. Have flushed the radiator, replaced the thermostat, 3 times, new radiator cap, water pump is 10K miles old. Still cannot get water to circulate through heater core. I have great flow through the core, I have removed the hoses and run the garden hose water through it. Truck runs fine, just cannot get the heater to work. I looked for a heater control valve, no luck, and no part listed.HELP, ANY IDEAS???
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Could Be Something Stuck In A Tube Me The Heater Core
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I had a simmilar problem with an '89 Honda. Turned out that the lever on the valve to let coolant into the heater core had broken off. I had to go upside down under the glovebox and manualy turn the valve on with some vice-grips. If you follow the cable from the back of the climate control to the heater core you may find the solution. Just a thought.
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Been There,Tried That

I have flushed out the core, still no luck. Thanks for the ideas though. Let's see if there are any more out there!
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follow the cable that controls the heat

Function Selector and Temperature Selector Control Cable

To check the temperature cable adjustment, move the temperature control lever all the way to the left, then move it all the way to the right. At the extreme ends of lever travel, the door should be heard to firmly seat, indicated by a loud thumping sound, allowing either maximum or no air flow through the heater core. To check the function cable adjustment, see that the function lever will reach the detents at the far left and right of its travel. In addition, check that the air flow is correct when the function lever is moved through each detent provided in the control assembly. If cable adjustment is needed, proceed as follows:


Disengage the glove compartment door by squeezing its sides together. Allow the door to hang free.

Working through the glove compartment opening, remove the cable jacket from the metal attaching clip on the top of the plenum by depressing the clip tab and pulling the cable out of the clip.

The adjustable end should remain attached to the door cams.


To adjust the temperature control cable, set the temperature lever at COOL and hold. With the cable end attached to the temperature door cam, push gently on the cable jacket to seat the blend door. Push until resistance is felt. Reinstall the cable to the clip by pushing the cable jacket into the clip from the top until it snaps in.

To adjust the function control cable, set the function selector lever in the DEFROST detent and hold. With the cable end attached to the function cam, pull on the cam jacket until cam travel stops. Reinstall the cable to the clip by pushing the cable jacket into the clip from the top until it snaps in place.

Install the glove compartment.

Run the system blower on HIGH and actuate the levers, checking for proper adjustment.

Let me know if this helps, and if not I could point in right direction.
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Cable try

I will try the cable attempt on Friday. That sounds like it's something to I needto check, thanks.
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The problem is fixed. I was misinformed, the water pump had NOT been replaced last year. The old one had NO VANES, the new one corrected the problem. Thank you to everyone for thier ideas!

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