Help Water Pump replace in '93 Dodge Shadow


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Angry Help Water Pump replace in '93 Dodge Shadow

My timing belt broke on my '93 Dodge Shadow ES (V6 3.0), and I am replacing it myself. I was told I should replace the water pump at the same time. I removed all the bolts (including one very stubborn one at the top), but the pump would not come off. I finally pried it off only to disover that there was a trick screw coming in from the back of the housing. Of course, since I pried it off, the casing for this screw is now broken. My coworkers are suggesting that I just put the new pump on and fill the whole where the trick screw should be with liguid steel. Otherwise, the whole engine needs to come out to get in behind the pump housing and install the screw. I was wondering if the suggestion would be ok or if anyone has any other ideas. Please help, this job is starting to tick me off! By the way, neither the Hayes or Chilton's manuals warned me about this screw!
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There are no screws from behind the water pump that need to be removed. There is a bracket on the top of the pump that needs to be loosened. It has 3 12mm head bolts. You can remove 2 and loosen the third to pry out the pump. A factory pump will come with the pump and housing. Make sure you replace the transfer tube oring behind the pump.

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