Honda Civic 1997: Axel Repair


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Honda Civic 1997: Axel Repair


I'm new here so hello to all.

I have a 97 CX. I just got a list of repairs needed and on eof them is an axel. Can anyone tell me if a novice like myself can replace an axel, or is that better left to the pros? What tools are needed?

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Hi Gilhamms and welcome,

Replacing an axle shaft is not really all that hard if you have some basic car repair skills. The tire will need to come off and the ball joint will have to be disconnected, on a Honda the assembly will then be lifted up and off the ball joint (it will not fall off the car). I normally use a large prybar (a screwdriver on steroids) and pry between the transmission side of the axle shaft and the axle shaft end it will take a bit and sometimes I have to place the end of the screwdriver against the axle shaft end and hit it driving it away from the transmission. One sharp blow is all that is normally needed. Slide the axle out and install the new in reverse making sure to refill the transmission as needed.
Good luck,

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