Kerosene in a diesel engine


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Kerosene in a diesel engine

A contractor's truck ran out of diesel in my driveway. I thought about using some kerosene just to get him going, but a station with diesel available was not that far away. I ran up to get some diesel fuel just to be safe but wondered if I was being too cautious. Can diesel engines withstand kerosene in a pinch for a short haul to a service station today?
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I would not run it in a vehicle, it has no lubricant in it for the upper cyl. I have run a few gallons of jet fuel in a tractor I just added about 2 gallons of motor oil to a 55 gallon drum. Only reason for using it was because of the last huricanes and there was no diesel or gas available for weeks. If you had to run it like that just keep it at low RPM's. other than that its a bad idea, i'am sure the tractor has some wear from it.
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Sounds like the right idea. Once in a while I do the right thing.

Thanks for your reply, and I hope you are getting back to normal down there...
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its alright to run....just don't run colored kerosene. use clear
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Kerosene lacks sulfur which, AFAIK, aids in lubricity. Low sulfur fuels have been mandated and they are causing quite a stir in the field of diesel technology.

With what diesel repairs cost, we should always err on the side of caution.

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