Reducing glare in side mirrors


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Reducing glare in side mirrors

Anyways to achieve this. I've heard that you can get aftermarket auto dimming mirrors as well as anti-glare coatings but I've not been able to track any down. Do they actually exist and if so any ideas where I can find something like this.
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I have a Scion TC, which is kinda low to the ground. I live in a part of the country that has alot of SUV-can't-driven idiots around. I go to the store and see them buying stuff with food stamps, then load the food into a $35k SUV with $10k wheels and $3k sound system, but that is another rant for a different forum. If anyone knows how to minimize the glare in side mirrors please let us know!!!! We are going blind here!

P.S. I'm tempted to get a 10k candel power spotloght and point it out the back of my car at them!

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