93 Saturn SL2 Overheated


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93 Saturn SL2 Overheated

Inexperienced question:
My car overheated tonight. The antifreeze is running out under the car, but it's too dark to tell exactly where from. I've needed a new thermostat for a while now, but was able to avoid it by running the AC when the temp got too hot. I realize now that may have been a mistake. Basically, what are the chances I just need to repalace a hose, or do I need to do more recon before determining how severe the problem is. The overheating problem came to light when I took a turn pretty fast. The car has about 77K miles and a standard transmission.

I'm pretty good at fixing things once I get an idea how it's supposed to happen, so any advice is much appreciated.
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you'll need some good light.....and you will have to dig deeper....looking at everything, hoses, radiator....etc.
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Cross your fingers while you're looking. Modern car engines do not tolerate overheating well. Warped heads and blown head gaskets are often the result.
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Thanks for your help. My fingers are crossed. In the daylight I did some detective work and came to the conclusion it's the water pump. The fluids are gushing out between the passenger wheel well and the pully's and belts. I can't get a clear view of the exact location because there's only 2 inches of space, but can tell there is no way I can take it apart and expect to remove any components. So I'm using my free AAA tow to get it to a qualified mechanic who will also be instructed to replace the thermostat. Again, thanks for your help.

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