98 Dodge RAM 1500 Heater/ defroster problem


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98 Dodge RAM 1500 Heater/ defroster problem

I have a 98 Dodge RAM 1500 Quad Cab, 5.2 liter efi automatic. When I turn on my defroster I get a very strong smell of anti freeze and the windshield immediately fogs up. It does not dry up at all, but rather stays fogged until I shut off the defroster and open a window. I get the same smell when I turn it over to the heater. I recently had the therostat replaced and a can of Bar's Radiator Stop Leak was installed along with new anti freeze. Any ideas as to what is wrong?

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It sounds like your heater core is leaking.
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It needs a heater core. While the heater box is apart, replace the evaporator. It's probably leaking also. Very common.
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I have the same problem with 99 ram

To all you experts... this shadetree needs some light. I have a 99 ram 1500 5.9L and am also experiencing antifreeze odor coming from the vents when the heat is turned on. Any advise about changing the heater core or other parts that should be replaced in the process. I intend to tackle the repair myself and would like some advice.
1) Is it simple?
2) Do I start by removing the dash.
3) I will replace the hoses while I am at it, but is there anything else?
4) What are some gotcha's I should look out for?

Your input is greatly appreciated.
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Okay. I pulled out the glove box and peeked around. I also found these instructions in the google group: alt.autos.dodge.trucks

Evacuate A/C system
Drain coolant
Disconnect A/C and heater connections at firewall
Remove instrument panel
Remove HVAC assembly
Disassemble HVAC assembly, replace heater core, re-assemble and re-install
Re-install instrument panel
Connect heater and A/C lines
Refill coolant
Evacuate and re-charge A/C system to proper specs.

A few questions for you all:
1) Do I need to remove the ENTIRE dash and instrument panel to pull the HVAC assembly?
2) I have never done anything with AC work, but I am mechanically inclinded ( that just means that I'm not afraid to try it ). Is it straight forward to evacuate and charge the AC or would I be better off taking it to a certified garage. If it is straight forward, please enlighten me with me the details.

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Yes, the entire dash must come out to remove the heater box. Tp evacuate the ac you will need a recycling machine.

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