vibration problems

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vibration problems

I own a 99 Range Rover (has been driven off-road some) and it has had some issues in the past. Currently, I have a new slight vibration that occurs at 25 to 30 mph. For the past 2 years it also had a vibration at 60 to 65 mph that I've been trying to fix. The vibration doesn't seem to be coming from the steering wheel. I seem to feel it more in the car as a whole. Some history on the car is as follows:

1. Front tires badly cupped, rear tires slightly cupped - replaced front tires - vibration greatly reduced
2. Tires balanced and rotated several times - no significant long term change
3. Air suspension goes out, had to drive 1 1/2 hours without suspension)- afterwards the 25 to 30 mph vibration occurs loudly
4. Soon afterwards, I evacuated New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina and front drive shaft breaks going 70 mph. This may have been damaged when suspension was out and I had to drive the 1 1/2 hours.
4. Removed driveshaft and continued evacuating- drives fine
5. Replaced front driveshaft and later notice vibrations are back but slight
6. Replaced remaining pair of slightly cupped tires- vibrations reduced

Could it be that my engine or rear drive shaft is out of balance? Could it be wheel bearings? Alignment issue? Any ideas would be appreciated....

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Most likely a hanger bearing for the drive shaft is damged. When you buy a new drive shaft, insure it is properly balanced. New hanger bearing as well.
The yoke might have too much play as well. The tolerances where the shafts go into the front diff and the transfer case are quite tight. If you have too much play anywhere here, you will experience harsh vibration in the vehicle.

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