93 chevy cavalier, rough idle


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93 chevy cavalier, rough idle

our 93 chevy cavalier, has what feels like a steady throbbing, or a mis whiel at idle, and it gets more promounced when in gear. The plugs and wires have been replaced and this didnt solve the problem. Does anyone have any ideas and how to check for a solution?

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Air cleaner, fuel filter(behind the rear axle)would be wise to change. May need a new O2 sensor. Valves could even have carbon build up from not being ran hard. Same goes for the convertor.
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Does that car have two seprate iginition control modules...? if so, one may be troast, and you could be running on one module alone. Should be an easy swap, but the module may be a bit pricey.
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Check for vacuum leaks.

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