Oil Pan Hole !!!


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Oil Pan Hole !!!

99 suburban with a dime sized hole in the oil pan, obviously from inside to outside, 102K on it, engine sounding like a broken rod (about as nosiy as a freight train).

Is it worth putting in a long block, or should I just go for a used engine. If a long block, can a good shade tree mechanic do it?


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How long do you expect to keep the vehichle? If you plan to keep it for a long time it would be best to do it right. Either way a competent shade tree mechanic should be able to handle it. Be sure to talk to whoever is going to do the work first to make sure he is up to the task.
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Oil Pan.

I agree, do it right. I'm guessing this is a Vortec short block engine?
I would also try to figure out why it threw a rod? Perhaps there is some valve train damage as well?
There would be a motor mount change to put a long block in.
Does the trans hook up the same?
Lots of items to consider here.
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Pull the enging and install a new crank and bearings. While its out change every gasket you can see. Either way you're pulling an engine and a bottom end job on a Chevy is not a terrible job and a crank kit is a whole bunch cheaper than a reman engine.
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There should not be any motor mount changes and transmission issues as a new or reman. long block will be the same as you took out. You will just need to change the intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, valve covers, etc. from your old motor.
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thrown rod could be caused by coolant injestion at intake gasket.
also if you decide to rebuid make sure rod hasnt damaged block.
if you find that there is no damage to block and crank you ma get away with
just a piston, rod, brgs,and a gasket set. and a oil pan of corse
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if you replace the crank and rod you will then have a good bottom end but the rest of the engine has still got 102K miles on it. What else is fixing to come apart????????????????????? Is the timming chain fixing to jump??? Is the cam & cam bearings worn, causing low oil pressure???? Are the heads or Rings worn out??????? more than likely they all are. As far as replacing with a used motor, I resently saw someone change out a motor and put in a 60K mile motor, it lasted for about a year and it slung a rod too.
I used to rebuild motors that were worn but now a days it is cheaper to buy a replacment ( when replacing everything). My latest attempt was to rebuild an older 350 chevy. With machine cost and all my parts it was going to cost me 1,000 dollars with me doing the labor. Instead of all that I went to the ZONE and got a long block for 800 bucks with a warrenty.
Sure you can take a chance on the old block it may last forever with just a patch, thats the gamble you will have to decide on.
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Oil Pan Hole Reply

Thanks to all that replied, just got back to it. looks like I'll end pulling it myself, putting in a long block and trying to get a few more miles out of it.

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