Ford FFV questions


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Ford FFV questions

I just got a Ford 2000 taurus SES and it has a FFV engine in it for those that do not know it means (flexable fuel vechicle)It can run on eathanol made from corn or gas or a mix of both.
My questions are as follows the car is a California car sold there and it is now in TX any problems with getting it inspected?Question 2 is are the parts special for it (engine)?
and last but not least were can I get some ethanol I have never seen it?
Any info anyone has on the Flex fuel cars will help me out.
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Ethanol is sold at just about any service station in Brazil.
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looks good

From what I have been reading on GOOGLE about ethanol it looks like a good fuel I dont plan on shipping my Ford to Brazil any time soon and from what I see there are only about 170 places in the US were you can get it.
What I dont understand is Ford and many other companies have thousands of these cars and trucks running around that have the FFV system and yet there is a very limited supply of the fuel here in the US.
I got the car free and did not know at the time about the FFV option it has on it till I looked on the fender and saw the FFV decal and started digging around the glove box were I found the window sticker that came on the car new.
It was a 11 hunderd dollar option but you got a 11 hundred dollar credit if you ordered it.
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I bought one of those cars myself. Dang nice grocery getter 03 SES. I never even thought about what the FFV stood for. I know that a few years ago that the ethanol blended fuel was a big deal they called it gasahol I think, it was added into the gas to make a blend but was limited in use after a while as certain parts of a most standard cars fuel systems swelled up and disentegrated causing fuel leaks/trash in the injectors etc. due to the ethanol being more potent i quess LOL I think the only thing we have is a vehicle that has a fuel system designed to withstand the ethanol with special viton gasket seals etc. I don't think it is much more than that, but someone else may have more info please post if you do, I am interested also.

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