lubricating air-conditioning compressor


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lubricating air-conditioning compressor

I have a '93 f-150 5L truck. The air hasn't worked for a couple of years and the other day the compressor started smoking. I replaced it with a rebuilt one from a parts store. When I installed the rebuilt one the directions talked about it needing lubricating oil. I have a repair manual but it doesn't tell me how this lubrication is done. Is there anyway I can do this by myself so I don't have to pay someone for airconditioning service. (I don't care that the air doesn't work I just don't want the new compressor to burn up from a lack of lubricating oil). - any help is greatly appreciated.
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If you only installed the compressor to run the belt on it will not require any lubrication just be sure to unplug the electrical wiring to the clutch coil so that the compressor never engages. The belt runs on a clutch pulley with a bearing if the clutch does not engage the internal compressor pistons will never turn. I personally would probably pour in at least four ounces of refrigerant oil just to keep the interior of the compressor oiled in case I ever wanted to attempt to get the system operating. Being a 93 you probably have a R12 system and would use mineral oil. If interested in getting it going maybe doing a conversion to R134a there is a real good site that I like for Auto AC here is a link
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Thanks so much for the advice.

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